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Prom Night
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Prom Night is a 2008 slasher film from Screen Gems directed by Nelson McCormick[/url] and starring Brittany Snow. The film was released on April 10, 2008 in Australia, and on April 11, 2008 in Canada and the United States, followed by a worldwide release in May. Trailer, Wallpaper, Pictures, Soundtrack and More, although the director said that the only similarities between the two movies is the title. The film is rated PG-13 by the MPAA for "violence and terror, some sexual material, underage drinking, and language."
Plot Summary
As the film opens, freshman high school student Donna Keppel (Brittany Snow) is riding home from the movies. Arriving at her house, she cannot find her father, who is dead (out of sight) behind the couch. Searching upstairs for him, she trips on her brother's baseball bat. Going into her little brother's room to yell at him, she sees her brother dead. Hearing footsteps and screaming, she hides under her brother's bed. Her mother is telling the killer that Donna is not home, and he keeps screaming "Where is she?" Her mother is pushed onto the floor, where she sees Donna under the bed. Donna witnesses her mother's murder by Richard Fenton (Johnathon Schaech), a teacher at her school who has become obsessed with her.
Three years later Donna is about to graduate, living with her Aunt Karen (Jessalyn Gilsig) and Uncle Jack (Linden Ashby), and is in therapy, taking Klonopin (a sedative) to deal with the trauma of losing her family and her persistent nightmares. Donna, along with her boyfriend Bobby (Scott Porter), her friends Lisa (Dana Davis), Ronnie (Collins Pennie), Michael (Kelly Blatz) and Claire (Jessica Stroup) make plans to attend their senior prom together.
Meanwhile, Detective Winn (Idris Elba), the police officer responsible for imprisoning Fenton, recieves a fax telling him that Fenton escaped three days ago. Winn is furious that it took three days to be notified of the escape, and immediately makes plans to protect Donna and her family.
The teens arrive at their prom, decorated like an upscale exclusive nightclub. They discuss their classmate in charge of the prom committee, Chrissy, and how spoiled she is. Someone states that she went $100,000 over budget and her daddy had to write a check for it. It is also discovered that Lisa and Ronnie are running against Chrissy and her boyfriend as prom king and queen. There is much rivalry between Lisa and Chrissy. At the prom, held at the Pacific Grand Hotel, Donna and her friends get keys to their suite at the hotel. Donna tries to tell Chrissy what a great job she did on the prom, and Chrissy blows her off.
Fenton overhears Ronnie at the front desk, and finds out that the teens are staying on the third floor. He is asked his floor preference, and opts for the third floor also. Heading towards his room, he finds out the maid carries a master key. Luring her over by telling her his card is not working, he kills the housekeeper and obtains the master key. He opens Donna's suite down the hall, and hides inside. Donna goes to the suite to put her mother's shawl in the closet, and she hears noises. She calls out but no one answers. When she opens the door, Claire, who has been in a fight with Michael, surprises her. Claire says that she will be back down when she fixes her make-up. As Donna heads back downstairs to prom, Claire hears noises in the room and checks to see if it is Donna. Fenton then grabs her around the throat, pushes her into the bedroom and despite her screams for help, she is stabbed and killed.
Detectives Winn and Nash (James Ransone), Winn's partner, are alerted to stolen car in the hotel lot. They find the body of a man named Ramsey supposedly registered at the hotel. It turns out that Fenton killed this man and stole his car, clothes and wallet to get a room. The car was reported stolen by his wife.
Up in the suite's bathroom, Fenton is looking at digital camera pictures taken when Donna was in the limousine. Claire's dead body is seen lying on the bathroom floor with stab marks visible. Looking for Claire, Michael comes into the suite, shouting apologies to Claire. He tries the bathroom door, which is locked, unaware the killer is inside. Unable to open the door, he sits down on the sofa. He hears the bathroom door click open, and waits for Claire to come to him. After a long pause, he looks around, seeing no one. Michael stands up and checks the bathroom. Thinking she is playing a trick on him by hiding in the shower, he pulls the curtain back to reveal an empty tub. He sees the mirror doors of the closet move, so Michael heads down the hall and peers into the closet. Fenton jumps at him, pushing them both through the doorway, and stabs him to death.
Back downstairs at prom, Donna, Bobby, Lisa and Ronnie are sitting at their table. They notice that Claire and Michael have been missing for a while. Giggling, they assume the couple has made up. At the front desk, the hotel reception can't contact the third floor maid. They send another employee to go and see where she is. As the employee walks down the third floor hallway, he passes Fenton. He asks Fenton if he has seen the maid. Fenton responds by telling the man that yes, he has seen the maid, and she is in his room turning down the beds. Gesturing towards his room, Fenton lures the man inside. He then murders the man.
Looking for alone time, Lisa and Ronnie head up to the suite. Lisa is bumped by Fenton as he exits the elevator. She mentions that his eyes looked very familiar. Ronnie tells her to forget the other man, and to pay attention to him. In the suite, Ronnie and Lisa are having a romantic moment. In a rush of suprise and horror, Lisa jumps up as she realizes who the man was. She realizes that Fenton is back. Panicing, she knows she must get to Donna and warn her. She runs out of the room, leaving Ronnie confused and frustrated. He tosses the engagement ring he was about to give Lisa onto the bed, and after a few minutes of thought, turns to follow her.
Lisa runs out of the room and rushes to the stairs. While she is running down the stairs, her heel snaps off and she falls to the floor. She sees Fenton at the top of the stairs, waiting for her to realize who he was. She runs down the rest of the stairs into the gym level, which is under construction. Lisa walks through the hanging sheets and sees an elevator. She runs over to it and frantically presses the button. Looking behind her, she sees no one. She turns back around and he is standing right in front of her. She screams and falls over. Forcing herself to move, she runs away and hides under a table. Hearing someone calling her name, she sees that Ronnie has come down in the elevator looking for her. She does not yell back, to protect Ronnie from Fenton, who is standing close by with a knife. Ronnie gives up and goes back upstairs. Fenton walks away, searching for Lisa.
Ronnie finds Donna at the prom, and says he can't find Lisa. He told her Lisa bolted out of the room to tell Donna something. Still unaware of Fenton's escape, Donna goes to look for her. She tells Ronnie to get on stage for the announcement of prom king and queen.
Back on the construction floor, Lisa thinks Fenton is gone, so she gets out from under the table and quietly runs towards the elevator. She accidentally knocks over some paint tins which create a lot of noise. She starts to run backwards, and backs right into him and he grabs her and slits her throat, spraying her blood on the plastic covers.
Detective Winn heads up to the room registered to Fenton's victim, Mr. Ramsey. The scene cuts back to Fenton, in a hotel room bathroom cleaning his knife. Winn charges the room, only to find it empty. He discovers the body of the maid in the bathtub. Even though five people are dead at this point, this is the first evidence for Detective Winn. Now knowing for sure that Fenton is in the building, he triggers the emergency alarm to evacuate the building. He tells his associate to find Donna and put her in protective custody immediately. Downstairs, the prom king and queen are about to be announced just as the alarm goes off. Detective Nash comes in and tells everyone to evacuate the hotel. Chrissy gets angry and snatches the paper from the teacher and sees that Lisa and Ronnie won as prom queen and king. Jealously, she rips the paper in two and scatters it on the floor.
While everyone is leaving, Winn is looking for Donna, who is in the bathroom looking for Lisa. Donna comes out and asks what is going on. Chrissy's boyfriend Rick tells her that they have to go outside. Donna realizes she left her mom's shawl in the suite, and asks Rick to tell her boyfriend Bobby that she will meet him outside after she gets it. Donna goes upstairs to retrieve the shawl. By now everyone from the hotel is outside.
Donna enters the suite looking for Lisa and Claire but no one is there. She goes over to the closet to get her shawl. While she is there, Fenton is behind her. When she goes to the door, Fenton is in front of her. Donna cries and backs away, falling over a chair. She gets up quickly and runs into the bedroom, locking both doors. He is calling after her, to not be afraid, and to come with him, they were meant to be. She looks through the peephole and sees Fenton. He gets a fire extinguisher and bangs the door with it, trying to get through. Donna screams and opens the door to the adjoining room. Fenton has busted a hole in the door and enters the room, looking for Donna, who is hiding under one of the twin beds. Seeing the open door, Fenton goes into the other room. Donna looks to her right, seeing Claire's body next to her under the bed. She tries to stifle her screams.
Outside, Detective Winn yells out for Donna. Rick tells him that she went back to the suite to get her shawl. Winn races upstairs. Back in the suite, Fenton picks up her shawl. He slowly walks back into the bedroom and bends down, looking under the bed that Donna isn't under. Donna rolls out from under the bed, runs out of the room, and smashes into Winn and Nash. Donna is hysterical, distraught, and crying. She tells them that Fenton is in the suite and Claire is dead under the bed. Winn searches Donna's suite for Fenton but he isn't there. Donna makes it outside safely, to Bobby's relief. Ronnie is outside and asks Donna if she saw Lisa. Donna says no and tells Ronnie that Claire's dead. Nash drives Donna and Bobby back to her aun'ts house. Winn and a police team search the hotel for Fenton, but they cannot find him. They find Lisa's body on the construction floor. They tell Ronnie who can only sit on the stairs and cry.
Donna gets home and hugs her aunt and tells her that it's all happening again.
Winn finds a hotel employee's body up in the ceiling and realizes that Fenton escaped wearing the hotel employee's uniform. He rushes back to Donna's house to warn her. He calls Nash, who is stationed outside Donna's home, on the way and tells him to get into the house. He sees that the house's phone line has been cut.
Donna goes to the bathroom and takes some pills. She looks behind her and sees that the window is open and shuts it. She goes back to bed. Winn arrives to find Nash dead in his car, throat slashed. In Donna's room, she thanks Bobby for staying. When he doesn't reply, she rolls him over and sees that his throat has been slit. She gasps and gets off the bed. She sees a shadow out in the hallway. Thinking it is Fenton she hides in her closet. She sees that it is actually Winn and is about to come out when Fenton, who had been hiding in the closet, grabs Donna and puts his hand over her mouth to stop her screaming. Winn does not know she is in there. He is about to open the closet but Donna's aunt screams so Winn goes into her room instead. As Fenton is about to leave the closet with Donna, she bites him and runs but Fenton grabs her leg and she falls over. She struggles and kicks him in the face and screams for help. Fenton is about to stab Donna when Winn comes back in and shoots Fenton several times, killing him.


am luat tseapa la filmu asta knd ma mers la cinema:)) crezut k e comedie shi m'am trezit k e thriller=))

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Prom Night Empty Re: Prom Night

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o vai...credeam ca o sa fie un comedy si cand colo era thriller
interesant filmu' mi'l mai aduc asa bine aminte...stiu numa ca era cu un nebun scapat din inchisoare...oricum ca orice film de genu' asta, are happy end:))

Ea e fata cu care iti vei imparti viata. Te va iubi, te va trada si, in cele din urma, va muri pt. tine. Si totul va fi fost in zadar.

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