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Naked WeaponDirected byProduced byWritten byStarringMusic byCinematographyEditing byDistributed byRelease date(s)Running timeCountryLanguage
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Tony Ching
Wong Jing
John Chong
Wong Jing
Maggie Q
Anya Wu
Daniel Wu
Chan Kwong Wing
Ken Chan
Choi Sung Fai
Angie Lam
Media Asia Distribution
90 min.

Naked Weapon (赤裸特工) is a 2002Hong Kongaction-drama film directed by action choreographerTony Ching and starring Maggie Q, Anya Wu and Daniel Wu. Written by prolific film producerWong Jing, Naked Weapon is similar in theme though unrelated to his earlier work Naked Killer (1992). The film revolves around three female assassins who get close to their targets, primarily through seduction before they kill them.
Having grossed HK$72,828 in the first week of release in Hong Kong, the film quickly dropped out of the top ten best-selling films in the subsequent week.

The movie opens with the assassination of a man of unknown identity. A team of three CIA officers, including Jack Chen (played by Daniel Wu), a rookie, watch through surveillance as a sexy female assassin named Fiona Birch (Marit Thoresen) enters the man's heavily guarded apartment suite and, after having sex with him, kills him by breaking his spine with her bare hands. As she makes her escape in her white Porsche 911 GT3, her car is hit by a rocket. As the officers rush over to extricate her from the wreckage, a woman in a limousine shoots her to death.
The woman in the limousine is revealed to be Madam M (Almen Wong), the leader of a mysterious assassin organization, to which the killed assassin belonged. After the incident, young girls across the globe start disappearing one after another. The only relationship among them is that they are all trained in martial arts or sports. As correctly theorized by Jack, these girls have been abducted by Madam M and transported to an island to be trained to become professional assassins. After six years of gruesome training, only Charlene Ching (Maggie Q), Katt(Anya Wu) and Jing (Jewel Lee) survive and "graduate".
The three girls are then sent on several missions around the world. During one of her missions in Hong Kong, Charlene coincidently runs into her long-lost mother, Faye Ching (Cheng Pei-pei). Jack, who has been following Madam M's case for the last six years, tracks Charlene down, but the latter manages to knock him out and escape. Believing that Charlene would return to seek her mother, Jack waits outside Faye's house. However, Jing shows up first and stabs Faye. Jack tries to fend her off but was no match for her. Fortunately, Charlene shows up shortly and kills Jing after a fierce fight. The two then escort the wounded Faye to hospital.
In order to regain their freedom, Charlene and Katt accept a final mission from Madam M. A Yakuza boss, Ryuichi (Andrew Lin) has contracted Madam M to eliminate a traitor in his gang. The mission turns out to be Ryuichi's trap to avenge his partner, who was assassinated previously by Madam M's girls. Ryuchi kills Madam M and captures Katt, while Charlene escapes. When Charlene returns the next day to rescue Katt, she watches helplessly through a bullet-proof glass as the latter is killed by Ryuichi, with a sword. The enraged Charlene battles Ryuichi and manages to kill him.
After everything was over, Jack and Charlene's mother, Faye, were at a Chinese temple offering prayers. Faye jokingly said that these things (the gods that she has been praying to) were all nonsense. But Jack told her that he felt peace everytime he steps into the temple. Faye commended his behaviour and said that he should visit the temple more often. Meanwhile, we see Charlene in a Chinesetemple praying for Katt's soul to rest in peace and she told the deity that she wishes to be with the one she truly loves, none other than Jack himself. They never met again until the last part of the movie, where Jack felt his intuition that Charlene was beside him.


  • Almen Wong as Madam M, leader of a mysterious international assassin organization
  • Maggie Q as Charlene Ching, kidnapped by Madam M and trained to be a professional assassin, Katt's best friend
  • Anya Wu as Katt, kidnapped by Madam M since young and trained to be a professional assassin, Charlene's best friend
  • Jewel Lee as Jing, kidnapped by Madam M since young and trained to be a professional assassin
  • Daniel Wu as Jack Chen, CIA officer on the trail of Madam M and her assassins
  • Cheng Pei-pei as Faye Ching, Charlene's long-lost mother
  • Andrew Lin as Ryuichi, a Yakuza boss

akm catsiva ani l'am vazut da nu d la inceput shi n'am vazut sfarshitu......azi l'am vazut....norok k am gasit cd'ul:D.....e sooper........nemilos.......d invatsa kt d dura e viatsa.....c a fakut madam m. din nishte fete e absolut incredibil......... sincera nu ma asht sa p katt am vazut'o la inceput cea mai puternik da charlene s'a dovedit a fi mai puternik......jing e cea mai puternik shi nemiloasa.......filmul meu preferat:X

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uuu...asta mi'a placut muuult:x:x:x

Ea e fata cu care iti vei imparti viata. Te va iubi, te va trada si, in cele din urma, va muri pt. tine. Si totul va fi fost in zadar.

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