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The Nanny is an Americansituation comedy co-produced by Sternin & Fraser Ink, Inc. and Highschool Sweethearts Productions in association with TriStar Television for CBS. It first aired from November 3, 1993, to June 23, 1999, and starred actress Fran Drescher as Fran Fine, a charming and bubbly JewishQueens native who casually becomes the pantyhose-clad nanny of three children from the New Yorkupper class. The show's theme song was written and performed by Ann Hampton Callaway.
Created and executive produced by Drescher and her then-husband Peter Marc Jacobson, The Nanny took much of its inspiration from Drescher's personal life, involving names and characteristics based on near relatives and friends. The show earned a Rose d'Or and one Emmy Award, out of a total of 13 nominations, and moreover garnered Drescher two Golden Globe nominations. Since the early 2000s the sitcom has also spawned several foreign adaptations, loosely inspired by the original scripts.
The plot of the show revolves around nasal-voiced Fran Fine (Fran Drescher) from Flushing, Queens, who fresh out of her job as a bridal consultant in her boyfriend's shop, peddles cosmetics on the Upper East Side doorstep of a wealthy and widowed Englishman, Broadway producer Maxwell Sheffield (played by former Days of our Lives star Charles Shaughnessy). When he mistakenly believes Fran has been sent by a nanny agency, she quickly seizes the opportunity to become the nanny for his three children. Soon Fran, with her off-beat nurturing and no-nonsense honesty, wins over the kids as well as Maxwell. It is a situation of blue collar meets blue blood, as Fran gives the prim-and-proper Maxwell and his children a dose of "Queens logic," helping them to become a healthy, happy family.
Proudly running the Sheffield household is the butler, Niles (Daniel Davis), who watches all events with a bemused eye and levels problems with his quick wit. Niles quickly recognizes Fran's gift for bringing warmth into the family and becomes fast friends with her. He does his best to undermine Maxwell's socialite business partner, C.C. Babcock (Lauren Lane), in their ongoing game of one-upmanship. C.C. views Fran with a mixture of skepticism and jealousy, as they both have desires for the very available Mr. Sheffield.
Perpetually hovering close by are Fran's typically obsessive and food-loving "Jewish mother" Sylvia; her rarely-seen but oft-mentioned father Morty; her cigarette-addicted senile grandmother Yetta, dispensing nonsensical advice and often erroneously believing Sheffield to already be Fran's husband and his children to be hers as well (a belief she does not keep to herself); and Fran's dim-witted best friend Val, keeping her company on the perpetual quest for a husband and constantly reminding Fran how things can always get worse (as Val has much less luck than Fran).
Fran FineFran Drescher
Maxwell SheffieldCharles Shaughnessy
Maggie SheffieldNicholle Tom
Brighton SheffieldBenjamin Salisbury
Grace SheffieldMadeline Zima
NilesDaniel Davis
C. C. BabcockLauren Lane
The comedy in The Nanny was formulated with many running gags, which contributed heavily to the success of the series. Much of this formula was character-based, with all major characters possessing a specific trait or quirks that provided a source of parody for other characters. The conflicting elements of each character's own comedy were often played off against one another (Fran and Maxwell, Niles and C.C., Maggie and Brighton). Occasionally the characters would break the fourth wall and comment on the situations themselves, or Fran would basically comment to the audience or look into the camera.
Other running gags include Fran constantly referring to eccentric family members (some never shown); Fran lying about her age--especially to men; Maxwell fighting through his rivalry with actual Broadway producer Andrew Lloyd Webber; Sylvia loving food in excess; Niles delivering sharp one-liners, often aimed at C.C.; C.C. cold-heartedly reacting to situations that are usually sentimental to others; Gracie psychologically analyzing various situations; Fran and Val lacking intelligence and obsessing with material possessions (i.e. clothes); Yetta making disconnected comments revealing her senility; Fran criticizing Maxwell's and Niles' reserved and inhibited British nature; Brighton morphing into a hopeless dork; Niles' last name never being revealed; C.C. covering her long-unrevealed name (finally given as Chastity Claire in the series finale); C.C. failing to remember the names of the Sheffield children; Niles offering obvious hints to Maxwell and Fran about them realizing they should be together; C.C. pining over her unrequited romantic interest in Maxwell; and Fran obsessing with Barbra Streisand. There was also the occasional tryst between Niles and C.C., contrasting with their typical open disdain for each other.
In addition, there is also a great deal of physical comedy in The Nanny including exaggerated falls and chases. Drescher's facial expressions, when shocked or surprised, can also be seen as reminiscent of Lucille Ball's portrayal of Lucy Ricardo. Viewers for Quality Television calls The Nanny "the 90s version of I Love Lucy (sic.) it is well written and entertaining"[7].

[edit] Theme song

The lyrics of Ann Hampton Callaway's jazzy theme song, as with some old TV comedies such as The Beverly Hillbillies, Gilligan's Island and F Troop, explained the basic premise of the show in detail: She was working in bridal shop in Flushing, Queens / When her boyfriend kicked her out in one of those crushing scenes, etc.

mortal serialu=))) fiekare seara ma uit la el........fran e d toata groaza:))

Nanny Ivk5z6
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am vazut un singur ep...doamne feri kta prostie...shi majordomu ala sau partenera de afaceri a lui maxwell :histerical lau oricum nasha'mea zice k era mult mai funny inainte de a se logodi fran cu maxwell :yup: funny rau :histerical lau

Ea e fata cu care iti vei imparti viata. Te va iubi, te va trada si, in cele din urma, va muri pt. tine. Si totul va fi fost in zadar.

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